Flatbed Laser Steel Rule Dies

Flatbed steel rule dies are what SRD does best, particularly for the creation of POP displays and custom packaging.

Male & Female Stripping Units

Let us save you time with custom-designed stripping tools to improve your manufacturing process.

Male & Female Blanking Units

Our industry-leading equipment and highly skilled experts produce top-quality blanking units quickly.

Design & Samples

Our designers bring your vision to life with the latest CIMEX software and CAD-cut samples.

Phenolic Counterplates

SRD Steel Rule Dies also makes phenolic counterplates for the production of folding cartons.

Mylar & Spot Sheets

Our expert die makers are joined by superb designers who can create high-quality Mylar and spot sheets quickly.

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Welcome to SRD Laser Steel Rule Dies Inc.
At SRD, we know we're not the only option for steel rule dies, so we make it our mission to be the best one. With experienced die makers and the newest equipment, we offer the best turn-around times in the business. When we get an order, we don't look at the calendar, we look at the clock. Our processes are so refined, our equipment so advanced, and our die makers so skilled that we can turn around top-quality pieces in a matter of hours.
Specializing in dies for point-of-purchase (POP) displays, folding cartons, and custom packaging, SRD has perfected its method to ensure the best, fastest possible service. Our in-house delivery driver and convenient location within minutes of national transportation routes allows us to not only make your product quickly, but get it to you quickly, too. Our commitment is to your 100% satisfaction because at SRD, we don't want to be just your supplier-we want to be your partner in a successful, profitable business.

We offer the fastest turn-around time available. When you say "rush," we don't look at the calendar, we look at the clock!